About Us

BNA stands for the Association of British Naive Artists. It was formed in 2002 by Peter Denham who had an article published in a leading art magazine back in February 2003 that prompted some hitherto unknown naive painters as well as some better known naive painters to write and ask about membership of the new Association.  He had a dream which was to bring naive art more credibility in the art world, and to strive to have a museum for British Naive Art somewhere in the British Isles. Sadly Peter became ill in the summer and died on Christmas Day of the same year. He had so much still to achieve and so the members intend to make the vision a reality.

The Association attempts to achieve it's aims with their own exhibitions, promoting its members exhibitions and encouraging members in their work. The first ever Exhibition of The Association of British Naives was a huge success. It was held over a two week period at the Mariners Gallery in St.Ives, Cornwall. Many visitors from around the world came and went, along with the press on several occasions and many paintings were sold. Now the ABNA holds several exhibitions a year and are fortunate to have several very well-known artists who's work has become extremely collectable.

Our aim is to promote Naive Art throughout Great Britain and abroad; to promote each other and to educate people about this unique style of painting. If you would be interested in applying to become a member of The Association of British Naïve Artists or just want to learn more about us please visit our website at www.britishnaives.co.uk 

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